Microwaved Heaven

I’m hard at work on the second piece of my daughter’s Halloween costume, which was a bit of a flub on the first try! This is the underlayer, so having it perfect isn’t high on the list of priorities, but I don’t want it to literally fall apart while Trick or Treating. That was definitely the main experience of this last weekend!

However, while I was hard at work Pinteresting (I mean, getting the motivation to work on said costume) my daughter and I deliberated on what to do together that day. I suggested making this Book of Spells, but she hates the smell of Mod Podge so turned that one down.  Then, she reminded me that I had promised we’d make some microwave brownies a few days ago and hadn’t gotten around to it.

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First disclaimer: these brownies are in no way healthy.

Second disclaimer: chocolate is my ultimate food. It takes a LOT for chocolate to disappoint me.

So, we got together and made these Microwave Brownies. I made M read the recipe (it’s important for an 8 year old to learn this stuff, in my opinion), then she got out the ingredients and we worked together on the measuring. Then the fun part: stirring everything together and tasting the “dough.” (Which is fine, since there’s no eggs.)

Um, the liquid mix doesn’t taste that great. Oh, and extra virgin olive oil will come through very strong in this recipe. But after sticking it in the microwave (we did it for less time than the recipe called for, so it would be extra moist), we actually had brownies! I loved mine. M wasn’t too keen on hers, but I found out later that she hadn’t stirred hers very well. So you’ve really got to make sure everything is mixed together. And like I said, the EVOO is pretty strong, so I know its taste was a bit off-putting for her.

The biggest drawback to the microwaved brownies is that the moisture leaves fairly quickly. Even though we undercooked it, and I had some extra fudgy-ness, M’s had pretty much dried out by the time I tasted hers (about 30 min after we made them). I was expecting a bit of a rubbery texture, but I didn’t get that at all. So, yay for that!

I must say that now I know this recipe, my waistline is not safe. It’s going to be as tough to stay away from as the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (but at least we know that has nutritional benefit)!

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Have you ever made a recipe that surprised you?

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